Creator not pushing to online player - RESOLVED


Similar to a few other posts on here, I’m having difficulty pushing a soundset from the creator to the online player. It contains no custom samples or elements – just custom moods (so all the sounds are already in Syrinscape, just recombined).

Soundset title is “Princes of the Apocalypse Prologue” and I assigned it to the fantasy database before putting anything in it.

I can attach a zip of the soundset if that is helpful.


Oh also just to clarify, the log on the creator shows 100% upload for the soundset; it just isn’t showing up as playable.


Tried uploading a smaller set. This time it worked. Sorry.


Glad you got it working. But yes soundsets have to be less than 100mb to be able to load to the server, anything larger will automatically fail. Our soundsets are normally no larger that 70-80mb, so that should be a good guide to how big they can be. If it looks like you’ll exceed that then consider splitting it into two soundsets


First try may or may not have been 250 mb :crazy_face:


Opps! yep thats a definate fail lol :slight_smile: