Creator forgetting Initial Volume Settings


Recently I have been making use of the Soundset Creator Master/Minion interface and for some reason despite setting up initial volumes, they keep resetting to 100% each week.

I have the master volume set to 60% and then individually I set various Element volumes to anywhere between 60% and 80%, click the Sync Initial Volume button which the slider moves to the appropriate position and then its good… for a little while.

usually a couple of days later when I launch the Master interface again all the various elements return to 100%…

What’s going on/what am I doing wrong? the Sync Initial Volume button implies that it will remember the volumes I select per element but that’s not happening long term.


Hi @raith.mkarran Interesting one. I’ll check it out myself.

The main place to set the volume of things is in MOODs. Is that what you are trying to do.

Initial Volume just sets the volume an element starts at when it first loads into the player.


Here’s what I have been doing…

I set the Volume Slider for an element in the main area (Not a Mood), then I click the Sync Initial Volume button which adjusts the Slider inside the Element Inspector appropriately.

Essentially as sort of a master setting for an individual element as I most often just need to activate 1 or 2 Elements at any given time and a Mood feels like overkill.

Having said that I also created a Mood to see if it would remember the volume settings and it too reset to 100% on all the individual elements. I’ve also noticed that the various elements have sorted themselves back into the default order I uploaded them in rather than the order I manually sorted them into later.

Its like everything is resetting back to its initial state.