Creator duplicating element instead of deleting


I have been working in the creator to create some custom moods for my campaign.
I copied some existing moods, and added them to my soundset.
I have one particular element, a sword clash, that is not in the global one-shots. In one mood, it fires automatically, and I don’t want it to. When I’ve attempted to either delete that element, or set it to not auto-fire, it instead ignores me completely and copies the element instead…
Not sure the best way to resolve, since there does not seem to be a way to delete a mood either.
Any ideas?


Apparently resolved. It seems that in the case of this particular element at least, in order to remove it from the soundset, I had to wait for the creator to finish spawning it’s download. Once I did that, the duplicate wiped out correctly, as well as the original.



I blame ACTUAL GOBLINS! :smiley:

One good thing to do if you are experiencing stuck elements etc:

  1. Shut down and restart Online Player app
  2. Reload the interface

But it’s working now anyway… so that one is for next time. :hammer: