Creator could generate moods!


Hi there,

This is a suggestion rather hard to implement I imagine. But, you know, could be great, so here it is:

There is now a loooooooooot of awesome sounds, moods and soundsets all properly
tagged and labeled by the creators of Syrinscape (woohooo!).

So what if the creator could generate a mood based on input fields like:

  • What kind of mood: battle? Exploration? Social?
  • Where: city? Building? Outdoor? Forest? Desert?
  • Ambiance: epic? Spooky? Mysterious? Mystical?
  • Is there monsters: If yes what kind of monsters?
  • Any other special elements in the scene?

The creator would generate a basic mood based on these questions and the user could tweak the result.

I know this is a major development, but I think this could be a huge time saver for us all :grinning: