Creator Confusion


@benjamin Hey, I’ve modified this set so much since I originally posted it. It may be fixed, not sure yet. I am just trying to download the updated soundset now in my Fantasy Player :stuck_out_tongue:

EDITED Figured that out! Woot! OK, now I am getting excited :wink:
Also, I edited the original post to help more that hurt the product. IT was a frustrating start, but I got there.

Still other questions though - what does a campaign actually do for me? I see nowhere in the players where that even comes up… ??


OK, so now on to the next subject. One Shots. So, I see in the online creator, a whole bunch of one shots on that main screen, but I don’t know why they are there or how to add them to my soundset. Also, they don’t match the one that I have in the Fantasy Player either.

So perhaps you could explain what all those one shots are everywhere, why there are defaults, how to change those defaults, why they are different in the online vs. the player and how do I add them all to my soundset? Oh wait, there is probably a video for that, right? LOL. Only reason I ask is because I don’t think all of those questions will be answered in any one video :slight_smile:

So if you could answer that @benjamin, as well as where Campaigns fit in this whole thing, I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, it is really cool that you are so involved in the community and product. It is obvious you are passionate about all this. Thank you.


You can see your various campaigns in the offline players by clicking the ALL SOUNDSETS words at the very top of the left hand column.

Seeing them?

What OneShots show in the Offline Players depends on what SoundSets you actually have installed. See the FAQ for a list of what OneShots are in what SoundSets?

Sense makes? :slight_smile:


So glad you are feeling happier. :slight_smile:

Getting really great sound design at the table and having the capacity to build it for yourself is not an entirely simple matter, and yes, I reckon we haven’t found all the most simple ways of doing it… but we’ve made a good start… and with help and feedback from people like you who bother to suggest and complain and give thoughts and care we will only get better and better.

In the meantime, keep enjoying playing with the sounds AND playing the games!