Create your own song library


Just a question. I would like to upload a series of music free of right to be used in the future when I prepare my soundsets for different campaigns. I have in mind to create a specific soundset like (Music theme) or something like that and upload 30 to 40 musics as individual elements so I can “call” those elements when I prepare soundsets.

Does it sound like a good idea? Do you have any other recommendation to organize your own sounds / musics?

How much space does Synrinscape allow (I’m a SuperSyrin Subscriber)?

Thanks in advance.

In the soundset creator, you can create an element, and then “import sample” individual sound files if you want from the Properties pane.

We stream our game, and I have individual tracks with our custom theme songs loaded to them for this exact purpose.

With the Creator tools you can build your own SoundSet and upload your own music, but you do need to consider the size of the soundSet. If you look at our official SoundSet’s they should give you a good gage.

Uploading 30-40+ tracks is going to make the set very large, which will cause you performance issues. Try braking it down into smaller themed sets, so say one for combat, one for suspense ect. Again we do have some community built SoundSet’s that are full of music and again they should be a good gage :grin:

Thanks for the information, I’m following your recommendation and create multiple soundsets per theme so it’s not oversized.

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