Create my own sets

Hi everybody!

I studied help, videos, answers to questions and did not understand anything relative to my question. Maybe they can help me here.

I have been a subscriber for a long time and now I have access to about 60% of all SoundSets without a subscription. I can’t afford a full subscription right now, but I want to keep using Syrinscape.

I’d like to create my own sets from what I already have and send them to Fantasy Player. From this video, I realized that it is possible without a subscription, but I could not find such a function: Also, the store seems to have a subscription associated with the servers. Can I purchase only this subscription to exchange data and use the material already available to me (not the ones that I downloaded, but what I bought earlier) to create new sets?


I need to buy Super, create there all SoundSets and then return back to Server only subs?

Sorry, it is too complicated to get from your materials (