Crazed Fairy Dance suggestions welcome


I need the music played by a group of grigs that is likely to force the entire party to dance themselves into exhaustion.

The music could be from Syrinscape or elsewhere, as long as it’s sufficiently manic and fairy.


Hmm… whilst I could recommend some Syrinscape sounds for fae having a good time laughing at the silly mortals, I am uncertain about Syrinscape music for same.

For fae sounds, try Rebuild the Ravens’ “tooth fairy” sounds, the Shimmering Veils soundset, and In the Lair of the Siren soundset. Chuck in some wildlife sounds from Elven Vale Night/Day for additional effects, perhaps.

As for grig music, which would mostly be fiddle reels and jigs, how about the soundtracks to Riverdance and Lord of the Rings/Feet of Flames (both Irish dance-style shows)? Riverdance’s Riverdance, Reel around the Sun (starts slow, gets really big). Lord of the Dance’s Lord of the Dance, Strings of Fire, Cry of the Celts, Breakout, etc.

Even just going on YouTube and searching “reels and jigs” can get you some very long basically music-only tracks of spritely music. Any type of Irish/Celtic jig or reel music is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for.


The hoedown from Gnomeland security might work as well, has a great hi tempo jig, in fact that whole soundset with a few tweaks could work for you :smile:


Thank you both. I’d forgotten about the gnome hoedown, and I’ll definitely check out the Riverdancy stuff HECook recommended.

I’d really love a single “all sorts of fairy” soundset.


“What kind of grigs are those?” “Country music grigs. You’re going to be line-dancing until dawn! MWAHAHAHAHA!”