Crashing on iPad Pro


Whenever I run the mountaintop portal it player always crashes, I deleted and reloaded but no luck. Playing other sound sets in my campaign I’ve also had some intermittent crashes. Any thoughts? Does having the iPad plugged in really make a difference? I also deactivated every other app and even shut off the WiFi so nothing competes with it but still no luck. Thanks!


Tested on my iPad Pro (Gen1 Model: MLRU2LL/A) running IOS 13.2.3 and Mountaintop Portal soundset worked fine for me.
Upgraded to IOS 13.3 and it still works fine for me.


  • What IOS version are you running? (Settings->General->About)
  • Does Mountaintop Portal crash immediately or after a short while? Does anything you do trigger the crash so we can reproduce?
  • How much iPad Storage is remaining? (Settings->General->iPad Storage)
  • Is the player app up to date?


Some people, but not all have reported problems with both Mountain Top Portal and the Hell Soundsets crashing. It doesn’t happen for everyone though, so finding the cause has been fun but it is something we are currently looking into.

Both are quite large soundsets, so your devices memory could certainly be part of it. We’ll let you know as soon as we have anything more concrete to report :slight_smile: