Crashing minutes into playing soundsets for no apparant reason?


Whenever I’m playing soundsets, syrinscape crashes with ‘not responding’ approximately two minutes into playing them and I have no idea why.


Update: Not even a minute now. About 10-20 seconds into playing any sound at all, it crashes.


Can you give a little bit more detail? What are you using (stand-alone player or online player) on what platform? Do you get crashes on specific soundsets or on any soundset? How are you playing back the audio - Bluetooth speakers, cable bound speakers…


I’m using the online player and I’m playing custom soundscapes with headphones as my output. I think I may have narrowed it down to specific elements in certain soundscapes. I’ll keep testing.


There is a mysterious bug in Mountaintop portal and Hell, which are really difficult to find. Are you experiencing crashes with elements you took from those soundsets?


I don’t believe so, no. It’s mainly custom sound files. This has only recently started happening in the last week or so. It worked fine a month ago. I’ve not changed any sound files or sound sets since then.


Update: I’ve narrowed it down to an issue of multiple elements playing at once, regardless of what they are.


Can you provide a list of the elements you have narrowed it down to? With that information we might be able to recreate the crashes.

Are you on PC or Mac btw?


I’m on PC, and it’s not just a single element. It’s whenever I play more than any one element at once. It’s frustrating I know, but I’m attempting other fixes, such as restarting my router, restarting my PC, uninstalling & reinstalling, I’ll give you more updates as I test more stuff out.


Update: I’ve restarted my PC and the router and there don’t appear to be any more issues as of yet. A few stutters here and there. I’ll keep you updated if things go wrong.


Glad it seems to be working better. We are certainly not getting any other reports of this sort of thing at the moment. So yes, maybe… a memory problem, broken sample… or just general actual goblins!?

Let us know how it goes from here!