Could we get all soundtracks into on soundset?


Could we get all soundtracks into on soundset?
It start becoming many tracks now and Syrinscape you have become better at it:ok_hand:


They have several themed ones already put together in collected soundsets. I made a campaign of them so they’re all together -

The newer ones aren’t out yet (Temple of the Jade Dragon music, What Grows Within music, Tiger drums music), but most of the rest are!


there are many soundtracks from all the adventure paths from Sci-Fi soundsets to.
This would be only for Subs, but as a Supersyrin you would get both.

What are your thoughts about it @benjamin :slight_smile:


Collecting all of our soundtracks into one soundset would be to large a file for the Players. We have already grouped some of them together and will continue to do that, but putting ALL of our sounds into one soundset, be it music, monsters, locations etc isn’t really practical I’m afraid.


Shadows of the Esteren had many soundtracks in one sound set.
Did not now it was to large of a file.
thx for the feedback


The Shadows Of Esteren Soundset is one album’s worth of soundtracks from their CD Dearg.

We have a LOT more music spread over the 300+ soundsets we have produced, which is why we are releasing it in the smaller groupings that @HECook mentioned.

Check out the Hell’s Rebels Music soundset, it has all of the individual tracks from the Hell’s Rebels soundpack that we released early last year