CotCT Soundset Recommendations?


I know that Syrinscape may be working on a full adventure path soundset for Curse of the Crimson Throne (crosses fingers), but in the meantime, would anyone have any recommendations for soundsets for the first (and maybe second) parts of the adventure path? Thanks!


I’m afraid I’ve not played that one so will have to have a read up on it first. @HECook does anything spring to mind? :grin:


Lemme take a look here at some campaign summaries, because I don’t own it either…

All right, so you’re in a large city to start, so I’d recommend Magnimar (Big City) as your base. There’s also a growing thread of unrest in the city as a whole as this first adventure comes to a head, so Hell’s Rebels Aria Park Protest (which has a few levels of “riot” in it) will help you there (particularly after the characters emerge from the fishery). Eventually you do get to the fishery to hunt for Lamm, and luckily Magnimar (Big City) has a couple of moods called “In the Sawmill” and “Sawmill Machinery” which have water lapping and some creaking floorboards. Even some weird ghostly sounds, which will be good for the eerieness of realizing they’ve been hired by a dead woman. You may want to use Stony Beach’s waves and gulls sounds to punch up the coastal feel.

Spooky, Elements - Horror, Deserted Desert House, and Abandoned Lunatic Asylum will have a lot of sounds to help with a general sense of impending unease, as well as sounds for Zellara’s ghost. You may want to grab the Boardgame Player’s Casino soundset, as that has card-dealing sounds, which will be important for anything involving the Harrow deck.

Meeting with the queen could use some of Dance of the Damned’s Vyre Banquet and Masquerade Ball (the latter also include screaming and rioting, for city havoc purposes), albeit with the music turned down lower. Hook Mountain Massacre’s Haunted Heart has some feminine sobbing and crying, which might be good for the Queen or Zellara.

The summary I looked at wasn’t terribly specific about what goes down when you meet with a local crime lord, but if there are tense meetings, Magnimar (Big City) has a mood of “deserted townhouse” which is nicely tense for a very private meeting. Or if you’re meeting him at a tavern, Friendly Tavern with some of the rowdier elements turned down.

Hunting down guards and dealing with chaos on the streets could be handled with the various “riot” sounds detailed above, maybe throwing in some Bugbear Battle (with growls and whatnot turned down) if we get a full-scale battle going on.

The hanging and rescue could likely be handled with Burnt Offerings’ Attack on Sandpoint, which has a hushed crowd, followed by a bit of the “riot” sounds as the rescue happens.

For Seven Days to Death, the plague is most easily represented by Seedy Tavern, which has coughing and wheezing and a lot of people being generally ill.

After that… spreads hands The summary I read didn’t give me a lot more detail other than, “fighting a cult and a masked vigilante and a genocidal queen.” Give me some more detail on any specific monsters and what sorts of fighter is the vigilante and queen and I can get more specific on recommendations! Basic single combatants of any class can be played with any of the four basic character sets - Valleros Male Fighter, Ezan Male Wizard, Mersial Female Rogue, and Kyra Female Cleric. Larger groups can be handled with Bugbear Battle. If you want a really good dismissive female laugh (and sword slash) I would recommend the Boardgame Players’ Chess set, as the Queen one-shot has that all over.

Give me more info and I can give you more detail! :slight_smile:


Wow you continue to amaze! knew you would be the one to ask :smile:

Thanks @HECook!!


Wow! This has already been super helpful.

Much of the first book deals with the unrest in the city, which you covered with the Masquerade Ball (should be perfect).

[Spoilers below]

There is also a fight with Otyughs that I’m not sure what to do with, a meeting with a captain of the guard (who is recurring, so she could use some theme music), a chase over the rooftops of a slum after the unrest is quelled, a fight in a butchery (which should have some creepy elements), a meeting in a gambling hall (with the aformentioned crime lord, friendly tavern should work there), a slog through a crypt, and finally, the rescue of a prisoner slated for execution.

Again, thank you so much for everything, and if you don’t want to cover everything above (I know there is a lot) that is totally fine.


You are so very welcome!

The Trouble in Trivago’s Lucky Bones actually has an otyugh fight (it’s under cellar monster, due to copyright issues). Captain of the guard, if this is a tense meeting, some of the music from the Strange Aeons sets (In Search of Sanity or The Thrushmoor Terrer) is not quite as “battle ready” as some of the other music. An alternative might be the Sci-Fi player’s Evil Android set, the “digitally evil music”, which is almost ambiently tense and subtle. Some of the tracks from Music - Moody or Music - Spooky might also serve.

The chase over the rooftop might be best served by Skinsaw Massacre’s Angel in the Tower - That has creaking stairs, breaking stairs, and structural creaking which would be good for weakened roofs. Put on some faster music for the chase (I like Music - Hell’s Rebels, or Sci-Fi player’s Cyborg Dragon’s “music to die for”), some of the “blood pumping fast” from Deserted Desert House, and Sci-Fi Player’s Blaster Battle’s “running man” (which is running steps across uneven ground, along with panting breaths).

The butchery fight could be done with the Ooze Battle (for squishy sounds of meat and blood) along with sword slashes (from Bugbear Battle or the universal one-shots) or scythe slashes (from Skinsaw Massacre’s Angel in the Tower) along with Spooky or Elements - Horror).

The gambling hall could be done with a combination of Friendly Tavern with some of the Boardgame Player’s Casino sounds (including the cards and dice, maybe roulette, turning off the casino machines, etc).

The crypt could use the Dungeon Depths, possibly with some Sewer in it (depending on how wet the crypt is). Maybe some Spooky elements, or Undead Battle, depending on your foes.

The prisoner rescue, I mentioned above. I think using Burnt Offering’s Attack on Sandpoint to start, using the “waiting for speeches” as that has a hushed crowd sort of sound. Then you could punch up the crowd with some of the “festival” elements of that same set as things get more exciting, maybe punctuating it with some cheers from the universal one-shot (if the crowd favors the rescue) along with some of the lighter “riot” elements from Aria Park Protest as things move to a head.


This will easily carry me through the first book. Thanks!