Copying whole campaigns?

Hi, as you can’t edit the soundsets from a campaign I would like to copy all the Curse of Strahd tracks into a campaign where I am able to edit them. Is that possible with some feature I have not found or do I have to do it by hand?

Are you talking about Campaigns in the Campaign Manager, which are an easy way to group SoundSets together under one playlist, or do you mean SoundPacks? Like Curse of Strahd “Chapters 1-3 & DeathHouse”

If you are wanting to duplicate and edit SoundSets then you would do that using the Creator functions found in the Syrinscape Web Player and Syrinscape Online. You would need to duplicate each SoundSet individually and give the copy a new name and make actual edits to the SoundSet.

Once you have them copied and edited you could then group your remastered versions together under a new campaign using the Campaign Manager for easy access.

Thanks for the answer! Yes, you got it right, I mixed up the names. I’d love to copy the whole soundset and group it in a campaign so I can start customizing it all in one place. But then I’ll go and copy each soundset individually, sounds very tedious though.