Conversion Issues Tonight?


I have been struggling converting sound files tonight. I upload MP3, and they fail, so I convert them myself to OGG, and upload them and one worked but the other one is failing. Just seems problematic for some reason.

Issue on your end?


Hey @dorpond

No other reported issues at this time… but then people might chime in below.

It’s always best to upload in wav if you can manage that?

Give that a try (wav 44.1K 16bit) is a very straightforward format?

*crosses fingers and toes


Thanks for checking back and the advice @benjamin


Since I’ve been using this now for a few days, I seem to get many 400 errors. I’ll have to research that.


Now 404 not found errors


Taking so long… Even 24kb Wav files are taking forever. I just can’t waste anymore time tonight on this - I will try again tomorrow…


@dorpond Can you send me one of the files you are trying to upload?


I’ll’ get that for you tomorrow, sure.

Something odd is going on tonight, because even when I load my campaign in the Fantasy Player (Win), only one of the sound sets are showing in there, even though I added those sound sets yesterday.

400 errors, 404 errors… Just a bunch of no worky with the online stuff and apparently, also its communication with the local player. Interestingly enough, I can see all the soundsets in my campaign, on my ipad. just fine… Frustrating…

And yeah, I did hit the reload button - no help.

Talk to you tomorrow.