Control Syrinscape in Foundry VTT

Have people seen this?

I’ve actually never used Foundry VTT but this looks like a great module for controlling Syrinscape within Foundry. Thought I’d share it with you incase it’s useful :slight_smile:


It looks like there’s already a post about it from @frondeus. So check out more discussion on that post: SyrinControl - WIP FoundryVTT module integration

I am going to download it now and give it a shot. This is so great!

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I wonder when we will get something similar for Roll20…?

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Roll20 is a little more tricky as I understand it, mostly because they have their own jukebox.

So not tricky technologically, but tricky from a business strategy point of view… I mean the jukebox is nothing like Syrinscape and doesn’t have the wealth of soundscapes, leaving aside the special effects. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a sound effect go off when you use a weapon or cast a spell, much like you can show an animated gif in the chat in Roll20?

It would be very cool, but that would be a decision of the Dev’s of Roll20 to make. We have built the tools to allow Syrinscape to integrate with other programs and many programs have made use of that but as Vicki pointed out Roll20 has it’s own jukebox, which is linked to the Roll20 Market Place.

If you would like to see them implement integration with Syrinscape then make sure you tell them.

Thanks - I have :-). Many times.

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And THANK YOU for that! :slight_smile: :trophy:

We’ll be hitting Roll20 up again soon with some changes we are making that may well make some kind of useful integration EVEN easier for them.

Stay tuned! :smiley: