Control PC Audio with Tablet


So I’ve been using my PC to run Syrinscape (since it’s in the same room we play Pathfinder in and I have it hooked up to a 5.1 system) and I’ve had to move from the table to my computer desk to switch sounds and what not. It’s not far, but it’s still a bit out of the way.
With the new Syrinscape Online, will we eventually get the ability to run the “Master” side of things from an Android tablet, while having the “Minion” side of things output sound on a PC? Also, would I be getting sound out of the tablet the whole time? Cause that could get weird since it’s all in the same room.

Just thought I’d drop in and ask!
Thanks for all your great work!



I’d like to see this as well as I have a PC built into my game table that plays the audio (using the minion player) and currently control this via a tablet using the master interface in the web (which doesn’t work great on smaller devices). It would be great if the master control could run in an app on a phone sized screen.


Yes once the mobile version of Syrinscape online is available you should be able to use it to trigger the sounds. On the PC version, you open both the Syrinscape Online interface and the Syrinscape Online Player, which is actually the bit that lets you here your sounds. so I am assuming that the mobile device will have something similar. If that is the case then you should be able to open the browser app to trigger the sounds but unless you have Player App running you should not hear them. @benjamin can you confirm that right? :slight_smile:


@Steve Any device you can open an use can control the Online Player.

Are you saying @thomas1 that that page doesn’t work on your phone, but does on your tab, right?

(the Online Player - which makes the sound - will only run on PC and MAC at the moment, but is coming for mobile devices too)


@benjamin Works is such a relative term. Does it function? Yes I can press the buttons and hear sounds from the player. The right side seems to function correctly with regards to size and flow. However the left side (for selecting sound sets and such) is almost impossible to use. Through some testing I’ve found that it’s more usable if I request the desktop site instead of the default (mobile) site. I’ve included 2 screenshots to show what I mean. Both of these screenshots were taken on my Essential PH-1.


He he… Design win! :smiley:

I’ll add some kind of useful fix for this to the list of things to do.