Confused - Any help?

Hi there! Not uncommon for me to feel a bit dense but there is something I am not quite grasping just yet. I subscribed to the D&D fantasy set, made a campaign, and then shared a link with a “test subject”. They accepted and installed the app … I am trying to play sounds, which play very well in my app, but nothing shows up on their side. I am starting to grow a bit concerned that I ALSO must fund another independent subscription for the online player for them to be able to hear things? Is that right or maybe there is a step I havent accomplished yet? Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

I think you might need to be a SuperSyrin subscriber to have others join your games remotely. In this case your players would not need a sub themselves, but you would need to be sure they followed the directions provided here, in particular they would need the Online Player, not the Fantasy Player (which is for local use only), and to properly link their device and join your game. We realise it is a bit of a maze to navigate at the moment, but it is something we are actively working on. Please reach out if any of this needs clarifying!

Hi @ndauric and welcome to Syrinscape!

You’ve raised some good questions and there does seem to be confusion going on.

Can I just confirm a few things?

Have you created a Campaign using the Campaign Manager and that is the link you’re trying to share with your “test subject”? I assume so, as you’ve mentioned you have a D&D subscription, not a Supersyrin.

A campaign link looks like this:

Campaigns, which you mentioned in your post, are actually more like playlists. They are a way for you to organise your own personal sounds. You can also share a campaign link and that will allow others to then use your campaign list in their games if they also have access to those Soundsets. Campaigns however will not play the sounds, it is literally a list of Soundsets put together into an easy to access folder.

There are also 2 versions of Syrinscape, one for Offline play, the other for Online play which was built specifically for sending sound remotely. Whilst you can use the offline version of the app and voice software to play sounds to your players you will always find the best quality sound comes through the Online version, built especially for that purpose. Which version of the app did they install?

Your D&D subscription unlocks access to all of our fantasy and official D&D content and grants you ownership of any new D&D Soundsets that we release while you are subscribed.

The SuperSyrin subscription, however, unlocks all of our Soundsets, community created content and full use of all of the Syrinscape tools found within Syrinscape Online. That means that with a Supersyrin subscription not only do you get access to every published Soundset but you can also host your own games online and broadcast your sound to your players as well as the freedom to upload your own sounds and music to create your very own custom soundsets.

You can find out more about Syrinscape Online here;

If you still need more help, please contact us on I’d hate for you to continue to feel concerned by this.

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Hi there - sorry for missing this but I was able to navigate this by essentially upgrading the subscription. Now on to other questions as I get my hands dirty! I do see a series of tutorials for the creator on youtube but I also saw mention of some documents that would be made available - did that end up happening?

Sorry, not sure what documents you are referring to, do you recall where you saw this mentioned?

The last comment in the post here … Behaviour of Element Properties in Creator - RESOLVED

Ive also watched most of the available videos and they are good, but the information is presented as if it is intuitive what all these sliders and settings do … he rifles through them with very little empathy for the listener that does not already have mastery over the interface. He’s clicking and changing views as if we already share his understanding of the tool.

One simple example is one in which he advises how you would reduce the volume of a Reduce spell sound and he’s moving two independent sliders like we know what each of them are doing. There are also 2 sliders on the mood elements playlists with “%” units but no indication whatsoever what they do … this site needs better documentation if mouse-overs and other information delivery approaches are not there for the user. I am trying to make my own mood but have no idea how to integrate music with sound, especially when there are delays and volume dynamics involved.

Hi there @ndauric,

Thank you so much for your feedback. New tutorials are coming soon so hopefully I’ve covered all the different sliders and buttons and what they do etc.

In terms of making your own stuff, have you checked out SoundSet Roulette where I make custom Moods and Soundsets every single week in the Master Interface? I think that could be really useful for you.

As always, feedback on all things is super welcome. If you need any help at all with anything, just ask :slight_smile:

Where might I find SoundSet Roulette? That Youtube or in a menu or on the site or elsewhere? Sounds like it might be a helpful tranche of info indeed …

It’s a set of videos on youtube, @ndauric; try this link:

Many kind thanks! Appreciate the link.