Concert Crowd Noises


I’m running a Starfinder scenario where much of the action takes place in a crowd awaiting a concert. Are there any crowd noise soundsets in the Sci Fi world that would be applicable? Thanks!


Try Cyberpunk Disco. Use the mood “busy on the dance floor” and maybe turn off the music. :slight_smile:

Also House Party 2015 also has some good crowd sounds!


Thank you! I’ll try those out.


Also consider the really cool “dh Theater” SoundSet from the upcoming Dragon Heist Chapter 4 SoundPack… which should… go live… very soon!

@kurtwasiluk @HECook Would you like a teeny tiny preview looky looky?


Definitely! Let me know how I can do that.:grinning:


I certainly would! :smiley:


OK. I’ve activated the draft of “dh Theater” for both of you (@kurtwasiluk and @HECook)

Let me know what you think!!!

Hope you like. It was fun making an actual play! :smiley:


I’m liking it thus far! I like having the option of a comedy or drama available, as well as backstage and dressing rooms and whatnot.

Inquiry - for the backstage sounds, what about some bumps, bangs, thumps from moving scenery and props? Maybe a one-shot if the PCs manage to drop something or knock over a panel? I don’t know what can go on during the play in the adventure, but a busy backstage is always ripe for opportunities to disrupt the front of the house!

Or for the front offices - would they have people verbally hawking the play outside to drum up business? Would there be any sounds of coin exchanging hands occasionally?


Loving the idea of players knocking over props and scenery!