Comprehensive Library with Tags


Syrinscape has damn near every type of music or mood that I’m looking for. However, sometimes it’s not the easiest to find (at least for me).

I’m looking to (A) find a comprehensive type of “library” with soundset elements/moods that are labeled with tags (e.g., “combat”, “creepy”, “nature sounds”, “eerie”, “sad”, “dramatic”, etc) or (B) to help create one.

I have my own messy little system. It’s a google document where I list libraries, their moods, and sometimes their individual elements and then I give them each “tags.” So if I need combat music I do CTRL + F and search for the tag “combat.” People are welcome to peruse it if it helps, but I warn you that it gets messy at times (

While this method works for me, it’s limited in two ways. One, it’s inefficient and time-intensive to do. Two, I’ve listened to only a small subset of the actual libraries. So, I’d like to reach out to the community to see if there is a library and if not, if I can help create one in some way.

I have two ideas:
One, continue in a fashion similar to the google doc I linked above but make it editable so anyone can add to the document.

Two, create a spreadsheet in a similar fashion ( ). But I’m not exactly sure what would be the best organization for this. There are three tabs with 3 different types of organization. Sheet 1 organizes by Library, Mood, and Element and then tags each of them across the columns. Sheet 2 organizes by theme. For example, there’s a row called “Combat - Epic” and each column in that row is epic combat music. Sheet 3 attempts to organize by theme and tags.

If anyone was curious, this post was spurred by me needing to find good “travel music” and good “default music” (by which I mean standard music that could be played across a variety of different scenes and moods. Think of Critical Role and how they have a “default” music go to.)


Check out the DOM Soundlink Library on DM’s Guide - I think you’ll find its all been done.

Note: It is a Library Module for the Fantasy Grounds VirtualTabletop Software.


Thank you for your response! I apologize for my ignorance. Is Fantasy Grounds an online type of service like roll20? And am I required to download the free version of this to get the searchable library?

Am I correct in understanding that if I purchase the following item ( ) I will be able to search for sounds, themes, and moods via tags (e.g., I’ll be able to search for creepy, sad, epic, etc)?


Yes, Fantasy Grounds (FG for short) is like Roll20 - actually, a way, way better way to say it is that Roll20 is an inferior (IMNSHO) competitor to Fantasy Grounds - but why start a flame war (especially when the answer is so plainly obvious) :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, FG is a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) software system, allowing people to enjoy the RPG hobby with friends from anywhere around the world via the Internet and have the experience of sitting around the same table. A lot of groups also use it to supplement their actually “sitting around the same table” games because its such a great tool to help the GM and Players organise things and take the boring “mechanical” stuff out so that everyone can concentrate on the story and on actually playing, not working out if a given die roll was high or low enough to have the desired effect.

Yes, I’m a fan-boy - and I’m also one of the Community Developers, having started work on my own VTT before discovering both Roll20 and FG and deciding that FG was way better than both Roll20 and my own VTT. I’ve since wrote an FG Extension (Plug-In - one of many I’ve done) that integrates Syrinscape and FG together seamlessly (the DOE:Sound). The Module I referenced in my previous post is a collection of all the Syrinscape 3PI references in FG-Format, allowing all of the Moods, 1-Shots, etc to be played directly from FG (via Syrinscape in the background) - and sorted and indexed in a number of different ways, so that - yes - you can search for sounds alphabetically and via type (eg “Dragon”, “Roar”, or “Dragon Roar”), etc.

If you just wanted to use the DOM Soundlink Library all you would need would be the Free/Demo version of FG, plus the free DOE:Sounds Extension (& the free DOE:Base Extension - which makes the DOE:Sound work) and the DOM Soundlink Library - and Syrinscape if you wanted to actually hear the sounds.

As a player that’s all you need - provided your GM has FG with an Ultimate License. Of course, once people experience FG they tend to want to use it more and more - so as a GM they’d need FG with a Full License (if all the Players also had Full Licenses) or an Ultimate License (in which case the Players could have Free/Demo Licenses). In any event, the DOE:Sound and DOM Soundlink will work with all of them.

And finally, no, FG does not need to be used “on-line” ie on the Internet - it can be used on a single PC or on a LAN as all of the data is stored on the GM’s computer - not “out in the cloud” where its owned by “someone else” :smile:

Anyway, drop on over to the FG Forums and have a chat to those guys that use the DOE: Sound, etc - @Gwydion (from these boards) is one, as are plenty of others (too many to mention). Or download FG and try it out - you’ve got nothing to loose and if you don’t like it you’re only out $5 for the Library - about the cost of a (good) cup of coffee :smile:

Hope that helps - and hope to see you on the FG Boards as well as these ones



Thanks for the in-depth reply! I really appreciate it!

I’m fairly new to the RPG scene so I didn’t know about VTT platforms. I have a stream that I started with my friends and I’m fortunate that only one of them is long-distance and the others are local. So we haven’t need to use a VTT. However, I watched a couple youtube videos on FG and I recognize the utility of it for in-person games too. Does FG allow you to use it on a stream? I know Syrinscape does.

Just to make sure I’m understanding it: I can peruse the Soundlink Library with the demo version of FG, even if I don’t have or know anyone that has an Ultimate License, correct? Or do I need an Ultimate License to use/search the Soundlink Library?

Again, thank you for all your help!


Yes, you can stream (Twitch) with FG - check out Rob2e’s Twitch channel for a really good example, and I myself have a Twitch channel (but no broadcasts yet - we’re still getting spun up).

Yes, you can use the DOM Soundlink Module with a Free/Demo License of FG (and Syrinscape, of course) - don’t forget you’ll also need to grab the free FG Extensions: DOE: Base and DOE: Sound.

And no problem - you’re welcome :smile:


Me again. Apologies for all the questions.

I’ve downloaded FG. And I purchased the Soundlink library module from DM’s Guild. Then I DLed DOE:Base and DOE: Sound and put them into the extensions folder.

But now I’m at a loss at how to actually use it/peruse the contents. Is there a (beginner’s) tutorial for how to peruse the Syrinscape library?

Thanks for all your help!


So, create a new Campaign - use the CoreRPG as a base. Before you actually load the new Campaign, make sure you put check marks besides the DOE: Base and DOE: Sound extensions in the Campaign’s Extension List.

Once the new Campaign is started select the Libraries Buttom (bottom right-hand of the main screen0 and then the Modules button on the resulting window. Scroll through all the Modules shown and Load the DOM Soundlink.

Go back to the Library window and the DOM Soundlink will be in the list on the left. Click on on and it’ll open up on the right - then simple click and navigate your way through the info to find what you want. :smile:



Thank you for walking me through this!


No problem - that’s what I like about both the Syrinscape and the Fantasy Grounds Communities: they’re both really friendly and helpful :smile:

It sounds like you’re up and running - I’m glad we got you sorted. If you need any more help just ask here or on the FG Forums.