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Hi guys!

I have been working for some time on a bunch of soundsets for the D&D 5E Campaign “Out Of The Abyss: Rage of Demons” from WotC. Recently, on the OOTA facebook page, there was a post where people were wondering if soundsets existed for this adventure on Syrinscape.

While I am far from finishing all the soundsets needed for this enormous campaign, it would be cool to share my work with others! How can I upload my OOTA soundsets for others to enjoy?

I have the following ones done: OOTA Velkenvelve Prison, OOTA Slubludop, OOTA Darklake, OOTA Graklstugh, and OOTA Whorlstone

Also- if uploading them for community use is possible, can I add artwork to them? I’d like them to be as nice as possible!

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I believe that you can share content when you make your campaign.

Make sure that every sample that you used (be it sfx or music) is either:

  • Already part of the Syrinscape sample database
  • Made by yourself and you’re willing to share it with the community
  • SFX and/or music distributed under CC0 license
  • SFX and/or music distributed under CC3 attribution license

Plus you have careful if you use copyrighted text/names/pictures.

If that has all Benn considered you might want to check with @Benjamin to see if it is made into Community Content.

Just upload your SoundSets in the normal way, and check they are all correct etc, use them for yourself, THEN simply let me or @Steve know the name of the sets and we’ll check them, verify Licence stuff and then turn them on for everybody to use.

We’d be VERY happy to add background art too.

In fact it’s really easy for us to add background art to any SoundSet you’d like us to, community content OR not! :smile:

Every if you’ve got just the first few bits, I’m sure there are people who would find them very useful!

Ive got up to Gracklestugh and the Whorlstone tunnels made, and they are all made with off-the-shelf syrinscape sounds. I’d love for them to be public.

The campaign on my account is listed as OOTA Prisoners of the Drow, OOTA Slubludop, OOTA Darklake, OOTA Gracklstugh, and OOTA Whorlstone Tunnels 1.

100% sounds from syrinscape so they are all set! I’ll be working on Neverlight Grove soon. No artwork yet…

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Oo! Yay Yay!

I’ll check these out now!

One question I have… ok a couple:
Can I upload a Soundset that I specifically do NOT want to be community content?
Because I want to make a couple personal sets just for us with copyrighted material that are only to be used in a private setting.
I was a bit thrown off, cause the upload option already demands everything to be licensed, no matter what and if that is not possible… can I create a set and import it manually into all clients without routing it through the Syrinscape servers?

Yep any content you upload is private, the questions on the server are there to cover our legal obligation. Community Content is only shared once we are happy that’s is safe to share. Content that you upload to the server is encrypted and only accessible by you, in the same way as CD’s that you might add to your iTunes library

Does that make sense? :grin:

Perfectly well, yes. :smile:
Yeah I was basically assuming this, but wanted to make sure I don’t accidentally break the copyright quantum continuum. :stuck_out_tongue:

But aside that there is no “practical” way of manually stocking a local Syrinscape client without the server route so far, huh?
Mainly asking because for some private sets it might be just faster and less heavy on your infrastructure to just avoid it alltogether. Like very volume heavy sets with long musical samples etc.
I guess one could possibly edit database files and replace samples etc manually, but that’s not exactly “practical”. ^^

In any case thanks! <3

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There is currently no way of bypassing our server.
[insert post apocalyptic style jokes] :wink:

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OK @killingmockingbirds

This is awesome!

I have made your SoundSets public Community Content. Wanna have a look and make sure I didn’t break anything? I did devide two of them into two halves because they were a bit HUGE.

Everyone else… wanna have a look. Anything from the adventure missing? Anything sounds weird?

Thanks for your work, Shawn!

How does the “public” access this content?

Community Content will appear in the Players just like any of our soundsets but are only visible to SuperSyrin Subscribers. If you already have an active Supersyrin sub then chances are that you have already installed Community content and not noticed it :grin: