Combat Sound Samples


A lot of the samples in syrinscape sound the same and dull. I cant find any good immersive sounds for creating battle sound effects such as striking with various weapons, shield bashing, clanking of armor, PC crying out in pain etc. Does syrinscape plan on adding improved combat sound sets soon?


Have you checked out Wizard Spells - Erzan, Female Rogue - Merisiel, Cleric Spells - Kyra, and Male Fighter - Valeros? Multiple types of armor (including robes) and weapon and crit sounds for longsword, shortsword, bow, crossbow, dagger, scimitar, and quarterstaff. Also pained sounds for multiple genders, plus laughter, exertion, and others.


Honestly we need a database of the HUGE variety of moods, elements, and samples so that creators have better access to what’s currently out there.

Just making a list of what monsters / NPC-types have already-created-moods is a pain, but super useful for me in making new soundsets for individual homebrewed combats.


Heya @AbessiaMalktho,

Welcome to everything Syrinscape. Keep searching (we are working on making search better), but don’t hesitate to ask for help finding sounds. There is a LOT of stuff in there and there are lots of people here on the forums who can help point you in the right direction.

And also, you might just discover some stuff that really needs to get done. :slight_smile: