Collaboration for Curse of Strahd 5e


Would anyone be interested in collaborating with me on a SoundSet for Curse of Strahd 5e?

Basically I would like to take each chapter/event and if it makes sense to have a mood for it.

Let’s start with Death House which really should only be about 3-4 moods and then work our way through the campaign with Village of Barovia being next.

Also I was curious about usage of eerie music etc from sources like youtube where it is publicly given. Is this OK if the artist says it is royalty free?


For personal use you can use any music, if you plan to share the soundsets as Community Content though then yes you need to be careful of the usage rights of the music and samples you use. Look for music and sounds that are listed as Creative Commons rather than Royalty Free. You can also obviously ask the artist for permission to use their creations if you find a piece that isn’t listed as CC.

A good site to look at for Creative Commons music is Incompetech. All of Kevin MacLeod music on there is CC 3.0 :smile:

Oh and @seanbaxen has already done “Castle Ravenloft” as a piece of Community Content so if you’re looking to collaborate then it’s probably worth speaking to him!


I like the directions this is heading! :slight_smile:


I thought about doing this, but started on Tomb of Annihilation instead.
But I could easily be convinced to put that work aside to work on this with you.

Working with someone else would also help me stay on track and not get distracted…
So if you are interested, message me and we could try to coordinate.


I just recently subscribed to SuperSyrin, and am a 5E GM. I’d love to be involved.

I’m just now going through all the sets, trying to come up with a master listing (which I’m sure has already been done, I’ll have to search some more.)

I have a legendary account on D&D Beyond, so can help with anything.



Looks like some work on this has already been completed. I see there’s a community soundpack ‘Castle Ravenloft’