CoC- The Haunting

For anyone who is running the Haunting, I have put together a set of custom soundscapes for it, divided up by location in the campaign. I have made some modifications to it, such as more depth to the Church of Contemplation, and full Crypt below Cobitts house, etc.

If you find it useful, awesome!



Great, thanks for sharing!

I can not import it into my campaign manager - the file is empty. Is there something wrong or I did it wrongly? :wink:

@sitzonephoto not quite sure. This is my first time sharing a soundset. Maybe @Steve could help out…

If it’s not made community content then I don’t believe anyone other than the creator can download it.

Currently,all the soundsets in the campaign are not yet available as community content. As long as this is the case, only staff and the author of the soundsets have access to them and can use the created campaign effectively.

But as @Steve is aware of their existence, he will take care of the issue. :wink:

In the meantime, have some :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: while y’all are waiting. :smiley:

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Has there been any update to this? I’m about to run The Haunting with my group - and it would be fantastic if I could get access to this custom campaign. I’m fairly new to Syrinscape - so not sure if I’m doing anything stupid but I don’t seem to be able to access this.

Also curious if this has progressed.

@Steve One for you here too! :slight_smile:


Mark me down as someone else interested in this Campaign / group of Soundsets.

Got an upcoming The Haunting session and would love to add to the ambience :slight_smile:

Did anything ever come off this?

@Steve @benjamin is there any way this can be shared and made public? Just reopened my Syrinscape account and would love to see my Haunting campaign made available to others. I put a lot of time and thought into it and it should be pretty much ready to go. Given that this is one of the first campaigns many new keepers run, and it is on every virtual tabletop, this is also a great campaign to have available, perhaps even free, to draw people in to Syrinscape and how amazing it is.

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. :wink: and keep up all the awesome work.


Thanks for bumping this I’ll start assessing this for you today. I’ve just started helping Steve with the Community Content. Happy to bump you to the top.


Awesome! I replied to a PM on here that he sent me with all the data he asked me for (in 2019 lol). Hopefully that will also help.



Thanks for your patience @m.sharpe AND your very courteous bump!

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So this is still not working right?