Client/Minion Linking Process So Painful! - RESOLVED


So, for our first 10 weeks using Syrinscape, our players didn’t have to rejoin each game, they’d just open up the online player and the session would be active.

Now it seems that the sessions are timing out (?) and every game the players have to resync their client to the session.

The syncing process is incredibly un-intuitive with back and forth between web-based control panel, online player, and frequent restarts (on Mac).

Last game, I had multiple 503(?) errors on the master interface, and one audio cue kept playing for some players for nearly the entire session.

We love the atmosphere that Syrinscape adds, but it is frustrating the players to no end, and sets a sour tone to the session right off the bat.

What is up?


This makes me sad. :persevere: Sorry you are having trouble!!!

We’ll discuss you probs in our team meeting tomorrow.

My thinking was a player joining a game is as simple as clicking a single link that you share with them… that link does change and can be used every week.

Sorry about the timing out thing… we are experimenting with lightening the load on the server as there were MANY old defunct joins and friends and members building up in accounts. We’ll discuss whether this actually makes things worse for too many people.

@sonofconan Thoughts?

Syrinscape online keeps kicking people from my "game" - RESOLVED

Yeah, the players hate having to rejoin every session!!


Yes, we discussed that at the meeting and will be looking at making some changes that will put an end to that. Watch this space for an update :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! This will significantly reduce the friction.

I do believe that your initial impulse to time out inactive users may be warranted, but perhaps it’s after a month, and on an inactive subscription instead, and certainly the connection process could be more seamless.


My players are also not please with this change, especially as some of them play in 3 games a week and are having to rejoin/relink the player for each of those sessions.

Could you have things so that if a person has not used the Syrinscape player for more than 30 days trigger the timeout?


Everyone has been booted again!
Any progress on this?


@banterandchance @raith.mkarran @jaloynes

OK. Change has been made. Your Players will have to join ONE MORE TIME… but now will NEVER be booted again.

Let us know how it goes (the 2nd time you play) :smiley:

THANKS for your patience!

And MOST of all… THANK YOU for your support as subs!

Now… GAME ON! :game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die:


Thank you!
Got Strahd tonight, so will let you know :slight_smile:


NOTE: you have ONE MORE log in to do since the change… so we are testing the 2nd game since our fix. :slight_smile:


Late to the party and I’m glad you’ve already amended this change. But I feel I need to articulate some feedback that you should understand.
I, as a GM, am a huge believer in music and sound as part of the RPing experience. I’ve been doing it since the days of swapping cassete tapes between scenes. I even wrote my own jukebox app for managing RPG music playlists back in the day, so you can see I’m at least moderately techie and willing and able to work through any technical problems. Naturally I love Syrinscape and what it can do, and want to use it in my games which nowadays are 100% online.
My players are NOT all as big a fan of music and sound effects in games as I am. At least one is vehemently opposed to it. Others appreciate the effect it can have on the game experience, but they’re not dedicated to the idea. Others still are entirely lukewarm. Also they’re NOT all as technically savvy as I am, some are quite the opposite, and even tasks that are fairly simple for the likes of us, they have to be painstakingly talked through repeatedly, again and again and again and again and…
Seriously, do not underestimate the ingenuity of users in finding ways to screw things up. I’ve had more than one player who, after I’d even sent them the link to download the Online player, went ahead and installed the offline Fantasy Player instead, because that was what they found behind the Download button on the Syrinscape web page…
So here’s the thing - I can be enthusiastic and evangelise about how great having the ambient sound & music will be till I’m blue in the face. But I can’t force the players to use the Online player, and every single obstacle or inconvenience in the way makes them more likely to decide that it’s just not worth the effort. We have the regular problem of the online player repeatedly losing the device link to players’ accounts. We have had several games that coincided with Syrinscape server outages so we had to do without, some users (including me) reporting the online player crashing periodically, and most recently this change requiring the users to re-subscribe to the game each session.
Every one of those little obstacles, minor though they may be, makes it more likely the players decide not to bother with the effort. I’m down to about half of my regular player base who usually use the online player and the other week I ran a session which when I looked back on it, none of the players had connected to Syrinscape, so I was basically DJing for myself alone. At some point as a GM, you have to decide whether or not the time and effort is worth it, never mind the subscription cost, and if you’ll forgive the bluntness, it doesn’t matter how much I love Syrinscape, if none of my players are using it, there’s no reason for me to remain a SuperSyrin subscriber.
After the previous week without sounds,this week my Tuesday group and I worked out that we needed to re-invite the players. We didn’t realise we’d have to do it every session, and while I understand you’ve reversed this, when we have to repeat the process next week for what will hopefully be the last time, I’m still going to wind up taking some stick from the players and have to sell them on the idea. If this was still going to be something we had to do every week, I honestly think I’d lose them.
Please don’t think this is another internet rant, although I’ll admit it’s reaching a good length for a rage-post :-). I just want to try to get the message across that all the little inconveniences mount up and no matter how enthusiastic, loyal and supportive your main customer base may be, if we can’t sell it to our players and they decide it’s just not worth the hassle, we won’t remain as customers.

Please accept this as the constructive criticism it’s intended to be.


I couldn’t agree more. My players don’t want to bother. FantasyGrounds is already a challenge for some of them and adding another thing to open to run media. I’ve struggled trying to get syrinscape to work through discord (we live all over the world) with little success. If they would focus on making a discord interface/bot… Not much longer and my sub will end, I haven’t been able to use syrinscape for almost 2 months now (actually longer overseas…except personal DJing like you mention).
To bad they won’t explore discord (I don’t know if you use), can you imagine…


We hear you and are working to make things better.

In particular we apologies for the UNLINKING of players to your Game thing… that was definitely a misstep… which has been corrected.

As has been the case over the last year of this beta, expect things to get continually smoother and easier as we nail more bugs and optimise and tune the servers and apps.

Most of all, THANK YOU for your support through this journey, it is your support as subscribers that makes any of this possible at all!

Stay with us! You won’t regret it! :slight_smile: :smiley: