Cleanup messy soundset

Any suggestions on how to clean up a messy bloated soundset?

After spending several creation sessions (which involve lots of trial and error) with the online creator copying moods & elements into my working soundset; I find I have many many unused elements, and many elements that are marked as (Copy.)

Maybe this is better in a “feature request” area but wouldn’t it be great if there was a “Purge Unused Elements” button within a sound set? Currently the only way I can see to do this is to click every one of my moods and note which of the elements never light up - and then delete them.


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I could see something like that useful, having some sort of indicator on the elements that aren’t being used by any mood.

Similar to “Show Remote Control Links” in the menu, but “Show Unused Elements”.

I like it!

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Yup. I’ve already added this to the feature request list. :slight_smile: This is something I would use every time I create official content.

Ben wants it = it’s coming!!!


Gonna necro this old thread 'cause I’ve come back to the fold after a long hiatus. Has this been implemented? I searched the forums this morning for “purge unused elements” and laughed as I realized the only result of the search was a old post of mine from years ago.