Cleaning up Soundsets


Hey guys! I’m fairly new with the Creator, but like it very much.

Now what I’m looking for is a feature like “clean up unused elements”. What I tend to do is copy Moods from all the presets there are that I might need into a new Soundset, fidget with the moods, turn things off, mix etc., and after I made my say 6 Moods I wanna use for the night, I have loads of Elements in the Soundset, including some that are not active in any given mood, because they came with the preset Moods I copied to the new Soundset. Is there, or will there be, a feature to delete the Elements (excluding one-shots?) that are not active in any Mood, or is this something I will have to do manually (which is really time-consuming) or ignore (which crams up the Soundset and makes them larger than necessary).

Best regards,