Chromecast Support for Online Player

I think it would be super cool if the Syrinscape online player could have chromecast support!


I agree, use quite a few AudioCasts around my home and it would be great to have the ability to cast to these devices natively rather than doing a bluetooth pairing.

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+1 Would love this to work better than having to hardwire my phone to a sound system.

Agreed. I was using a dedicated PC for it but we have changed gaming locations and it would be very convenient to be able to just cast. While there’s no official Windows SDK for Chromecast there are a couple of open source alternatives such as sharpcaster.

Syrinscape is not just playing a single audio track, it is dynamically playing many audio objects positioned in 3D space with movement and randomisation.

Streaming to Chromecast would not obviate the need for the Syrinscape app to keep running on the device doing the streaming, which would need to pass the actual audio output from the app directly to the Chromecast.

I think there might be existing 3rd party solutions that can send audio for either your entire system or a single app to a Chromecast device, but I’m not certain and have not done this myself.

Another option to make your audio output device more portable, is to run the online player on your mobile phone or an old phone or spare tablet, and connect that to your speakers in any location, and continue to control it via the Master Interface on a different device (e.g. laptop, desktop) at a different physical location in the room.