Chromebook Playback issues while windowed


Hi, I have Syrinscape installed on my Chromebook. I also use OneNote for making notes and for running my game. Syrinscape works great, until I click on OneNote, (or any other app such as Chrome). Once I click out of Syrinscape, the sound is muted. I can see in the windowed Syrinscape app that the soundscape bars lit up, but they no longer move and there is no longer any sound. As soon as I click back into Syrinscape, the sound comes back on.

So I thought, OK, I’ll try the online beta version, but to install the .apk file to make it work, I have to enter Developer mode, (thereby voiding my warranty, which I’m not keen on doing).

Any suggestions on how to get the sound to work even when I’m not clicked into Syrinscape, or how to make the online version work without having to enter Dev mode?

Edit: I would also like to note that, even if Syrinscape is not windowed (full screen), as soon as I click on another app, I get the same result.

Thanks all!


Are you tried the online version of it? That should work for you.
I found that the apps on IOS do not multitask, so once I switch to another app, sound stops. That’s why I moved to the online player.


Yup. Tried the online version, but can’t get the .apk file loaded without entering Developer mode. That file is required to play the online files to work. Heck, I can’t even get the online player to work on my Window’s machine, so I must be doing something wrong. It LOOKS like it’s working, but I get no sound. Go figure. Anyway, for now I’m just going to use the Windows app. Found a cheap Windows laptop to run it on. Works well enough. Thanks for responding.


Note: you can run the actual Online Player on any device. . So consider running that on your phone (plugged in and charging) and control it with the Master UI running on ANY machine in ANY browser. Then you won’t have the whole background thing issue.

Note note: we are working on getting an actual official version of the Online Player in the normal Playstore… there are Unity upgrades in the way of that at the moment (but that IS progressing).

All makes sense? :slight_smile: