Christmas Themed Soundset


With Christmas approaching all red white and green
I found there was no Christmas soundset to be seen.
Full of snowscapes, toyshops and magic would be best,
With jingly and joyful music to quest!


Wherein there is now none to be found,
Yet some sounds can be gathered round
To make something of what you seek
Let’s see what I can craft this week!

From Icy Wasteland comes footsteps in snow
For making snowballs and angels and men in a row
Attack on Sandpoint has the mood “The Games Are On”
For laughter and happiness (though no gulls are needed on this lawn)

Bustling Port Town has bustling crowds, it’s true
But also “shipbuilding” which could be making toys, too!
Hie ye hence to Trollskull Manor, where happy music can be found,
Also relaxed music too, and Bridle Town’s bard has music all around!

Need more happiness? Go to the Theater, my friend
For that has jolly halflings, who are very happy to the end
And if the wassailing gets rowdy and loud,
The Yawning Portal has songs for those louts

Friendly Tavern has a fireplace to warm you,
And glasses to clink to drink a toast too
I hope you found this useful in your game,
And if not, ask again and I shall find new answers (not the same)