Character Voice One Shots

It is unfortunate that all of the wonderfully crafted character voice one-shots for official D&D adventures in the Fantasy Player end up to be virtually unusable due to the randomization. There are multiple audio files that are played for a simple “Yes” or “No” and they always vary from perfectly appropriate, to wildly inappropriate with no way to predict which will happen on the next activation.

I would LOVE to see each made into it’s own one-shot. A simpler solution might be to just pick one audio file for each and drop the rest. A sound I can count on is usable. A random response that might be grossly inappropriate is not.

The lines spoken for the D&D SoundSets are the lines given by Wizards of the coast for that particular scene and are grouped based on the context. If you want to break those down further into your own oneshots then that can be easily done using the Creator tools found in the Web Player.

All of the lines should be appropriate for the scene they were created for, but obviously game sessions always vary. Just using one sample though can end up being very repetitive, especially for longer conversations. an NPC saying yes in exactly the same way every time for example. That’s why we try to mix them up and give different lines to give a bit of variety