Changing voice buttons - Resolved


Hey guys,
we all know these sound effect buttons in the right lower corner we have permanent access to, no matter which soundest we have opened. (Actually don’t know the real name of this buttons). I wanted to ask how or if I can change them, so like adding new ones and deleting those I don’t need. I hope for an answer,



@d_petri These are called “global oneshots”. In the creator, you can toggle oneshot elements in your own private soundsets between global or not (via the element property inspector), but you cannot (yet) toggle the global status for oneshots that belong to official soundsets.

Global oneshots in official soundsets will always be visible in the online player, and will be visible in the genre players if the soundset is installed.

While we wait for this feature to be implemented, you can uninstall official soundsets from the genre player if you do not want to see global oneshots belonging to those soundsets.

The online player always has access to everything, so this trick won’t work there.


Hey, thank you. That’s awesome, definitely gonna try this.

Thanks, David



This too. :slight_smile: