Changing Element setting when changing moods

Thanks for the “through the door” reverb setting just what I needed. Is it possible to change the settings of an element when I change a mood?

I’m trying to create a mood eg. Factory area - Here you can hear some machinery, chains and music through a light door.
I’ve also created the Mood factory office - Here I play the music without reverb. To create the effect that the players has opened the door to the office.

My issue is if I create two elements with the same music, one with reverb and one without. They start the music from the beginning whenever I change moods.
So can I have only one element with music and change the reverb on mood change. So it would create the effect that the door has been opened. Is that possible?

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Currently that is not possible. Your current set up is the only way to achieve multiple reverb settings. Unless you take more time by going into the settings of the current mood and change it back and forth in real time.

Elements are really cheap (they don’t take much storage or time to deliver), so I suggest making duplicate elements to get this effect. Have a look at what I did for the Cyberpunk Nightclub.

There are three elements running in perfect sequence here, and I crossfade between them as the Players move around the venue. (note also the slightly different start times to create a bit of echo.