Changing delay between samples effects all moods - RESOLVED


Hello I am a bit new at this and I thought I finally had a handle on things but have instead run into a major problem. So for in example if I set the delay between samples for -4 to 34 seconds for a rain element it then effects all the moods in the entire soundset. Of course I realized this way to late and have lost insane amounts of time and work that I have put into this. I originally had the idea to dig through the vast content of syrinscape and find elements I liked (I am very picky so this was a massive undertaking) then put them all into a custom soundset I called element dump. Then from there I would create moods and ship them out to other custom soundsets. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended feature because I want to also create different delays between samples for different moods and not have it affect the entire soundset. Like I said I am new at this so if I missed an option or something I will gladly fall on my sword here.Thank you for any help.


I’m assuming you are using the same rain sound elements for multiple moods. If that is the case then changing the delay on that element will effect it for every mood it’s in. Moods only save what sounds are playing, not their individual settings. If you want multiple delays you will need multiple elements of the same sound.


Oh I see so it is the same elements I am using a lot yeah. So I all I need to do is create copies for each of the different moods. So I can still use my element dump as I wanted now. I still do wish that the element would be different for each mood, I don’t really understand why it is like that. This is going to create a lot of extra work for me now because I am going to constantly have to duplicate elements and see what other moods are using those elements so a lot of back and forth. Then it’s also going to create a mess of that soundset with tons more elements and make it harder to create moods for other soundsets.

So it seems I may have to delete each mood when I am done with it in element dump and it’s in it’s own soundset to avoid what I mentioned above. I had really wanted an all in one place for all my moods that I could simply transfer into any soundset but unless I commit tons more time to this and make the whole thing a bit of mess it’s just not possible. I am a DM for two different campaigns last thing I need is more work too haha.

I really hope the devs read this and maybe change it or add the option to make elements unique for each mood. It could be a simple checkbox for the entire soundset and that would solve this problem. More options are always a good thing.


Moods are not a container for distinct elements, moods are are selection of elements from the same soundset that are configured to play together. Changing this would be a big functional change that would make many existing workflows more difficult.

For example, you have a soundset with 5 moods. You want to change the delay between dogs barking from 1-5 seconds to 30-60 seconds. If moods contain distinct elements, you need to make that change 5 times.

Unfortunately, a simple setting would not be possible as under the hood this would be quite different. So this is not something we are able to consider at the moment.

You could try a workflow like this:

  • Collect all the elements you like into one “element dump” soundset, but don’t edit them. Keep them at their original settings.

  • When you are ready to start working them for a particular purpose, start all the elements you want to work with.

  • Create a new empty soundset, and a new empty mood in the new soundset, and then click Save Current State in the mood property inspector.

  • From there, you can edit those elements as much as you like in that mood without affecting the original “element dump” soundset.

  • When you are ready to make another new mood in that soundset, keep any elements you want to use as-is (shared between moods) playing, stop any elements you don’t want to play with the new mood, start any other elements from “element dump” that are either missing from the new soundset or that already exist but you want to modify independently, and then click Create Mood under Save Current State As New Mood.

Your existing playing as-is elements will be set to play with the same configuration in both moods. The elements you started again from “element dump”, even if already copied into the first mood, will be again duplicated and can be modified independently.