Changeling: the Lost soundsets


Are there any soundsets (official or community) that would be good for a Changeling: the Lost campaign? I’ve gone through and cobbled together basic sounds, but it’d be great to have options for the Hedge (including Hedge-based battles and even a close call with a True Fae), Goblin Markets (including sellers hawking impossible wares), and dreams - though that last one really depends on the nature of the dream.


What sorts of sounds are you looking for? I’m not familiar with Changeling: The Lost, but if you describe what you need, I can try to find what sounds would work! I know there are several dream options already in In Search of Sanity, but there are other sounds that could work for more pleasant dreams What is Changeling all about?


So, in the shortest way I can explain it (which… isn’t very), Changeling is a modern world horror/dark urban fantasy game about people who were taken by the Fae, made part-fae themselves, and managed to escape back home, and now have to build a life in a world that’s no longer quite their own.

So, there are a couple of unique environments in Changeling. The Hedge is a massive border-universe that’s a thorny maze of a forest strewn with mad, ever-changing paths that sometimes go nowhere and sometimes go places you don’t want to be and occasionally, if you’re very lucky, lead somewhere useful. It’s also psychoreactive - it’s darker and more dangerous if you’re scared, more hostile if you’re angry, etc. It’d have wind noises, foliage sounds, walking-on-the-path noises, and maybe sounds for a couple of the most common inhabitants (most of which are dangerous). There’d be mysterious, dangerous music.

Goblin markets are the “bazaar of the bizarre” trope in all its weird glory, places where you can buy a magical trinket for a song or Hitler’s missing left testes in exchange for 3 cases of Oreo cookies. It would include crowd noises (including noises for some weird creatures), sellers hawking wares, sounds for various improbable and magical wares, and hopefully jaunty-yet-menacing music.


The Hedge! - Witchwood for a start - in addition to woods sounds and growls/weird noises, there’s some odd music. Elements - Horror to boost the scary, which also has tension levels to ratchet up or down the spook factor. From the Sci-Fi player, Upside Down has a great “walking on gravel loop” element. Actually, the whole Upside Down set would work for spooky stuff. Wind in the trees is in Elven Vale Day. More wind noises are in Elements - Wind. Dream Quest II has a mood called “Enchanted Wood”, which also has some great deep creaking noises which sound like swaying trees. The music in Witchwood is fairly spooky for your spooky pleasure.

Goblin Market - Is it more like a medieval market, or are we talking more like Neverwhere (combination of eras)? You can start off with Brindle Town or Magnimar. If you want some modern elements, add in some of Sci-Fi player’s Market Street 2076. For hawkers, Attack on Sandpoint and Bustling Port Town both have hawkers hawking. For adding in weird creatures, using Witchwood’s “distant wildlife” element, some of the “growls” from Bugbear Battle, “she’s angry now” from In the Lair of the Siren, and “weird noises” from Dungeon Depths would suit. For your music, how about Music - Circus? Jaunty-yet-sinister is its jam!


Great advice!!! Do you know of any soundsets with good “Walking through the underbrush” and “Running heedlessly through the underbrush” sound elements?

Edit: Found the “Wild Hunt” tip and am shamelessly stealing.


Your best bet would be to combine the running/walking sounds from the Fighter/Rogue/Wizard/Cleric sets, and then the “horror tree body noises” (for walking in underbrush) and “horror tree steps” (for running in underbrush) from the Whispers in the Wind soundset.


Many many thanks!! This is a huge help.