Change picture in Syrinscape Online Player?


Hey there! I was just wondering (and suggesting if not available) about changing the picture in the Syrinscape Online Player? I am currently running Dragon Heist online, and a few of the pictures are quite “spoilery” - so I was just wondering if there was a way to

  1. Display No Picture
  2. Display Custom Picture
  3. Petition Syrinscape to change pictures to something less spoilery



Came here to suggest this - my players informed me about seeing “spoilery” images in the player while changing their volume (which is not avoidable sometimes) and that´s quite the opposite way of “immersion” that I want to achieve with Syrinscape.

PLEASE give us options or just leave the images out of the player!

My workaround so far:

  • Syrinscape player up to 100%
  • opening Windows sound mixer and tuning the volume of the player there to how loud I need it right now :slight_smile:


@jasonthelamb @mindstalkerlp Great suggestion. I’ve created a ticket to track this request. Thanks!


I think I already made a ticket for this one too! :smiley:

It’s a good idea!