Change picture in Syrinscape Online Player?

Hey there! I was just wondering (and suggesting if not available) about changing the picture in the Syrinscape Online Player? I am currently running Dragon Heist online, and a few of the pictures are quite “spoilery” - so I was just wondering if there was a way to

  1. Display No Picture
  2. Display Custom Picture
  3. Petition Syrinscape to change pictures to something less spoilery



Came here to suggest this - my players informed me about seeing “spoilery” images in the player while changing their volume (which is not avoidable sometimes) and that´s quite the opposite way of “immersion” that I want to achieve with Syrinscape.

PLEASE give us options or just leave the images out of the player!

My workaround so far:

  • Syrinscape player up to 100%
  • opening Windows sound mixer and tuning the volume of the player there to how loud I need it right now :slight_smile:

@jasonthelamb @mindstalkerlp Great suggestion. I’ve created a ticket to track this request. Thanks!

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I think I already made a ticket for this one too! :smiley:

It’s a good idea!

What is the future of this suggestion that is proposed two years ago ? I want to play masks of nyarlathotep and picture of the hotel chelsea show the murder. It is a too much massive spoil for players. At least change the picture for new york soundtracks if not developping the functionality

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We will be adding this function once the ticket makes its way to the top of the pile. In the meantime you can easily remove the image yourself by duplicating the soundset and then using the copy in your game rather that the original.