Catalogue question - how to tell what's owned?

I have the subscription and when I look at the menu on the website it reads:

Your Catalogue
756 SoundSets, 31 are yours to keep

What 31 soundsets are mine? Where do I find that out? If I look at anything on the website it says I own that sound set. How can I tell what I own and what is just leased? Is there an different icon or something on the sound set that is mine to keep forever?


Hey Tom,

I’m pretty sure stuff you own is listed as:
“You already own this”
As apposed to stuff you have access to because of the sub, which is:
“You already have access to this”

So you can check, I have emailed you the list of stuff you own, to your Syrinscape account email.

Let me know if you DON’T see that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the email, would be a nice feature to maybe add to the profile page on the site for people like to that like to see these kinds of things.

Thanks for pointing out the slight wording differences on the website. I did not notice that.

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Yeah, that’s one of the things we’re going to add to our ‘hub’ ‘profile page’ thing we are going to make. :trophy:

Any word on this feature? I know I would like it.


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Yep. This is still in the works. We were just talking about it today. :slight_smile:

Also: thanks for your patience!

It is a real world thing that we have both finite person hours and finite cash to deploy to dev… if we had more of both we would be able to do things even more quickly. As it is, we have to find priorities and hit those hard first.

Which is why, the more support we have from our subscribers the better… more subs means MORE we can do to make things better and better faster…

…so spread the word?!? :smiley: :trophy:

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Anyway I could get an email listing what I own? If it’s not too much trouble of course.
Any news on whether this feature will be coming soon?

Drop us an email at support and we can happily reply back with a listing for you :grin: