Catacomb mood sounds

I have an adventure featuring the characters visiting some abandoned catacombs/tomb. I’m looking for creepy/suspenseful ambiance here, but not really screams or such.

Also, at one point there is a sort of distant wailing, that could be ghostly screams, or could just be the wind… That sort of thing.

Honestly, some of the music from Aliens (ominous sounding music) might be really good for the catacombs…

Any suggestions?

Sci-player’s Nyarlathotep is a good one. Dungeon Depths using the “alone” mood is another. Wraith Battle and Spooky have some great soft “what was that?!” sounds too!

Definitely check out the Wind Elements to find a good wind sound for you then add in some Ghostly Wails. Also have a look through the sci-fi sounds. I think some of the Call of Cthulhu Soundsets would be suitable. Possibly “MiGo Underground Dwelling” but I think “Nyarlathotep” is a good one too and has some ghostly whispers happening.

For further catacomb suggestions, the Hunting Horror Battle has some good ones (wind, cave ambiance, even some distant moving stone walls if you like). Dungeon Depths, the mood “alone in the depths” also works (turning off weird noises and maybe distant growls).

Haunted Castle has some excellent creepy music. “Creepy exploration” and “castle exploration” are both nicely ominous, as are several of the wind elements. Adding in some soft “wraith” or “spirits dwell” should give your players some “What was THAT?!” moments. Spooky also has an element called “child’s play” which is a childlike voice saying things just on the edge of understanding, and is super-creepy.