Castle Amber X2

I am running Castle Amber X2 and I am curious what sound sets you would suggest for the West Wing, East Wing, Indoor Forest, & the dungeons

Tell me about it it a bit more detail and I can recommend some sets!

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The campaign description is as follows. It is basically a funhouse of horrors with undead and constructs around every corner and mad hatter family members.

"They fled form the far-flug land of Averoigne: The Amber Family, a bloodline of wizards & warriors persecuted for their dark sorcery and occult crimes. In their new world , they built a lavish manor for themselves, the fabulous Castle Amber. for a time, the Ambers flourished, their magical and military might having little equal. Then, however jealousy and murder struck the heart of the family and the Curse of Stephen Amber descended upon the castle like a fell and heavy hand. Now, the Ambers dwell beyond space and time, imprisoned with their monstrously transformed servants and suffering under the family’s dead patriarch’s death-sent doom.

It is into this mad manor that the party awakens, plucked from their home world and imprisoned in the heart of Castle Amber. To escape, the heroes must negotiate a path through the inane Amber family home, overcoming the clan’s machinations, dangerous servants, cunning traps, and bizarre phenomena. Only by finding a way to break the Curse of Stephen Amber will the party be able to return home. Failure means a lifetime of imprisonment in Castle Amber, a place where lifetimes can be very short indeed."

Ok, so creepy castle/dungeon, undead, constructs, mist, horror, and forest inside, got it!

Elements - Horror is a good place to start, as it has various mist sounds and many different levels of tension, as well as creepy sound stings.

Undermountain Forest is your go-to for your inside forest sounds.

Catacombs of Wrath has several good dungeon sounds with undead bumping around in the background, as does Dungeon Depths (with more general dungeon sounds and eerie creep, plus traps!) and Misgivings Cave. Kobold Lair has several more trap one-shots.

Undead Battle, Zombie Battle, Wraith Battle, and Devourer Battle all have good undead sounds.

Misgivings House, Abandoned Lunatic Asylum, Haunted Heart, and Spooky have a lot of haunted atmosphere, house-sounds, haunting sounds, and creepy laughter/screaming ghosts.

Stone Golem Battle, Clockwork Entities, Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level 6 (DMM Level 6) has a clay golem battle, and Dream Quests II has a ceramic guardians battle mood that also works.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you need something else specific!


Awesome thanks! Next session is this weekend so I have some prep to do! :slight_smile:

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