Cap Volume for Simpler Maintenance

With online play, the biggest issue I’ve had with Syrinscape is the difference in volume between sound sets (especially combat and non-combat) as well as between various oneshots (one nearly silent, another unnaturally loud). Is there any way with another application or otherwise to cap the sound coming out of syrinscape at a certain maximum volume? This would alleviate the problem of people having to yank off their headsets or complain about the volume without me having to spend as much time adjusting sound volumes as I do DMing on the VTT. Anyone input would be welcome.

Anyone else experiencing this? It’s not something that gets me very often.

What SoundSets are you generally using… maybe the non-combat ones are older in general before we implimented the “Initial Volume” in the SoundSet settings… maybe we can go back and give them a bit of a boost.

Almost any soundset seems to have this problem, but currently I’m using COS Death House I. The variance between the dumbwaiter bell and a scream is massive where I need to turn up the bell but turn down the scream and this varies in and out for most of the sounds to some degree. The combat levels in almost anything I run are always significantly higher than our group can handle over zoom, so we always end up playing with the background noise only and never use the combat noise as a result (or I have to move the slider down to 10% for combat and then back up to 30% for normal ambience).

This is where a tool capping the volume overall would be helpful because I could make sure nothing goes above a certain decibel range and just let things run.

Just checking @joenudi are you using the Online Player or some other way of getting sound to your players?