Can't use custom moods on Iphone XR


I’m trying to add a custom mood to the custom moods tab. Let’s go through how I’m trying to do it:

1st try:

  • started playing in the lair of the siren soundpack and selected the song and the ambient sound
  • started playing it
  • went back to custom moods and pressed the +
  • nothing happened

This was probably not how you should do it so I:

  • went back to the lair of the siren
  • set it up with the sounds I wanted and started playing it
  • added a mood in that sound pack by pressing +
  • it worked
  • went back to custom moods (while I was playing my newly created mood) and pressed +
  • nothing happens

Am I doing something wrong?

Iphone is running on the latest IOS 12.3.1


Got it - I needed to hit play on enigmatic silence for it to work.


Yeah… this is a weird hacked way of being able to save custom moods away from where you should normally be able to save them. We will actually implement something more standard with our next big rebuild of the Players. :slight_smile: