Can't start a Subscription with Paypal


When i am trying to subscribe with PayPal, i get a PayPal error, when i am about to pay, I am not getting the error when i would try to buy a voucher, does anybody know a fix to this?


Payments for individual items, soundsets vouchers etc go through the normal PayPal payments system. Subscriptions however use PayPal’s automatic Payments system, which uses a different set of rules.

A few people (especially in Germany and other parts of Europe) have found that if they have bank draft selected as the payment method, PayPal will fail to set up the payment. when they changed their PayPal settings to draw from a debit or credit card then it seemed to work fine.

If you are still having problems with it send us an email at support and we can take a proper look at your account for you :slight_smile:


Thanks so much - I have been trying for some days now to sub via PayPal and just couldnt figure out why it works flawlessly for everyone else (15+ payments in December alone, internationally too) but just not for Syrinscape…and yes, exactly like Steve said (Germany/bank draft > CC)

Of course I first tried to get help from PayPal…their 2 page default answer was completely useless and had nothing to do with my question :slight_smile:


Seems like this is still a problem :confused: but i dont own a credit card. meh