Can't sign in because it can't validate my activated soundsets



I have been using Syrinscape without any problems for several years. Over the holiday break I took some time away from gaming and came back a month later. Now when opening Syrinscape it says “We failed to validate your activated soundsets. Please ensure you are connected to the internet, and login again.”

I couldn’t login, I shut down, I reinstalled, I even changed the password. Really wanted to use this tonight for my new group. What has happened?

Need help.


I hit refresh on your account.

Working now?

ALSO = THANK YOU for your loooong time support as a sub! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Benjamin. From reading some post it seems like you are in Australia. I had the pleasure of visiting there for a month a year ago.
Went to Sydney. Awesome city.



Sydney = beautiful temperate weather + amazing beaches!


Having the same issue here, can’t seem to get this working on my Surface Pro, but it was working on my phone last Thursday when I ran a game. I use the Surface Pro to d/l content, sync my phone, then run the sound from the phone (for the battery life). Could the login from the phone be causing the issue? Otherwise, not sure why it isn’t validating. My iPhone is entirely too inadequate to browse through and purchase content, so it would be nice if my Surface Pro would work with the software again.