Can't rearrange campaigns



I’m fairly new to Syrinscape and if this question has already been asked and answered pleas redirect me.

I have a few Campaigns saved (thank you so much syrinscape community!) but I would like to rearrange them in a custom order. So I went to the campaigne page, dragged and dropped the campaignes as I preferred…and it didn’t save it.
My iPad didn’t implement the change - I’ve waited for 24 hours - and when I went to the campaigne paige again, it was in dissarray again.

How can I rearrange my campaigns?

Thank you in advance for your help


Yup. Rearranging Campaigns is NOT something that currently works.

It’s on the list of things to fix! I’ll bump it up the list a bit.

In the meantime… the only workaround is to rebuild things from scratch in the order you’d like them to appear! Not a particularly good workaround! :smiley:

[dives for cover]


oh ok!! phew

seeing as I am fairly new to syrinscape I feared it was me!

[leans over cover and gives a thumbes up] :+1:


I’m HIT! Arrrrghhhh!!! :smiley: