Can't play elements in the Property Inspector - RESOLVED


I’m trying to go through and listen to the different elements that are in the element playlist. In the Property Inspector I can see them, click them and have them turn blue - but they don’t play. I need to locate them in the samples library - only then can I hear them. I think I used to be able to play them in the Property Inspector before… is this a bug, am I doing something wrong or is it just my imagination that I used to be able to do it?


Yes. I’m seeing that too. I think we may have broken that with a recent update. I’ll take a more careful look.

@sonofconan? :slight_smile: :bug::hammer:


Hi, I have similar problem - syrinscape online does not produce any sounds, icons are blue, but no playing animation and sound. Could somebody please help? I have session in 3 hrs


Other threads suggested that something happened in the newest update. If you updated try go back one version. Others reported that fixed the problem till syrinscape can fix the bug in the new version.


Thank you very much! syrinscape-1.4.6-20200115-win-online.exe fixed issue, so old version is ok


@bjornsundell @ben I’ve reproduced and fixed the problem where playlist entries don’t play. This will be included in the next online player release.


Great! Thanks. Do you know when that may be? In the mean time, can I downgrade and where would Ifind that file?



@bjornsundell Yep, try this link:


Thanks! That will spare me the hassle for now. Eagerly awaiting new release.


Get this when I click the link:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Access Denied

I’m running on an iMac.


@bjornsundell You should be able to play samples in the element playlist in the latest version, 1.4.8-p2.


Will download asap. Thanks!