Can't pay with pay pal - RESOLVED

I am trying to upgrade my subscription and i just can’t.
Any time i am trying to pay with pay pal, it asks me to add credit card and after that it’s only go to the main pay pal page. I tried god knows how many times with my pay pal account, with my wifes pay pal account, and then with my friend’s pay pal account. Any time we have the same problem.

I had same problem with free trial subscription and wrote a letter to your support, but they just didn’t answer me. After that i bought a voucher for DnD subscription, but realize that online syrinscape works only with full subscribtion.
And now i am without free trial and without online version, and i don’t need syrinscape without it :smiley:
What shoud i do? How do i get a reffund or full subscription?

Sorry if we have somehow missed and email. Looking on the server I can see that you have a none renewing subscription that you paid for by purchasing a voucher.

That’s why PayPal is no allowing you to upgrade your account, you don’t currently have an automatic payment agreement that it can upgrade. Send me an email to and we can get things sorted out for you :slight_smile:

Hi! I have the same problem. Could someone help me?

Grab as on support at syrinscape dot com and we can share details like account names and paypal stuff in private.

I’m sure we should be able to sort you out. :slight_smile: