Can't Login on Tablet


For the longest time I’ve been attempting to simply Log In to Syrinscape on my Tablet (Huwei Android), but no matter what, regardless of the order of steps, it simply will not let me Log In, refreshing the page with the dreaded red text.

I’ve tired this over a period of months, just seeing if it will miraculously work, but to no result. I’m not sure exactly why it just doesn’t seem to log in, the same log in works on both PCs that I use.

And I think it goes without saying, I am not getting the password/username wrong, and I’m clicking the right buttons. It simply refuses to work on this device.

Hi @euanbuddie

Reach out to us on support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll get you sorted. :slight_smile:

There we can discuss deets of your devices and password etc in private. :eyes:

Hi Benjamin,

I managed to get it sorted actually, it was 100% on the tablets side; it was changing my password after I entered it (despite having auto-correct off).

Thanks for the reply though!

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How annoying! But glad you managed to control the robots! :robot: :hammer: :eyes: