Cant log into player controls


Logging into syrinscape online master interface has been very latent lately, tonight i’m not sure if its even going to load at all. I’ve also noticed lately that the one shot noises lag several seconds behind. I have a good internet connection, what can i do to fix this


I’m just setting up my Stream Deck and adding some API links and I’m also getting some extreme lag. Either I don’t get the sound at all or it loads after long delays…

Me thinks there is a server issue or such going on…


Should have thrown a shout out to @benjamin for possible update if there is an issue with the server?


I’m also experiencing severe lag. I recently subscribed to the service and I’m disappointed with it so far. It’s ruined a few recent games recently.

My internet connection is at full bars whenever I’m loading it up, but it still takes about a minute to do so.

If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I might look for another service.


@tfarrington3d We are looking into this this morning! Stay tuned.


Thank you! I hope whatever issues may or may not be causing this get resolved.

Thinking out loud here, I have to wonder if it’s just an influx of users slowing down the service on Sundays.


Do all remember this is official still in beta, so we are definitely looking for LOTS of detailed feedback on performance as we endeavour to tune the servers: enlargening things; optimising tasks; separating processes; killing goblins. :smiley:

We are STILL however VERY SORRY when it lets people down!!! :bug::cry:


Generally it has been acting very well. This is the first weekend I’ve had issues with the master/minion interface. It just so happened to have to be there weekend I was playing with my new toy :slight_smile:

FWIW it was working better during our game this evening (CST) but still had a few times it was dropping/not responding to API calls it seemed.


@qwiksilver711 @tfarrington3d @jamz @benjamin

I have done some load testing and deployed a few changes that should result in an improvement:

  • optimise database queries on the slowest actions
  • isolate the online player server from the website and genre player servers
  • enabled compression to reduce the bandwidth required to load the soundset, mood and element data on page load and when navigating into soundsets

The weekends definitely see a significant increase in activity in general, and last weekend in particular was even busier than usual. I will keep an eye on the online player next weekend to see how the changes are holding up.

Please let us know if you still encounter problems, or if you notice an improvement!


It seemed a bit snappier in last nights game, but as of right now i’m just getting gateway timeouts and long loading at best.


A hotfix for another bug is being applied RIGHT NOW, so yes, that’ll drop you out!

Stay tuned!


cool, staying tuned, love your hard work!


Would this explain why my player is showing that its “checking samples” for hours on end? I’ve just subscribed yesterday and have not been able to even launch the app yet.


Hey @jameswillaman

That sounds like the SoundSet Creator, not the Online Player (?)

Maybe drop us a line on support at Syrinscape dot com and well sort you out, :slight_smile:


[copy from another thread]
OK. We’ve done some significant work over the last 48 hours and we are confident everything should be running MUCH smoother… no matter HOW busy this weekend is. Of course, there is nothing like the actual REAL world to test a thing… so all have a go and let us know if you have any more probs!

THANK YOU for your patience everybody!

And, if you’d be so kind… if any finds any more Goblins, let us know straightaway… and if you can, STAB them for us! :bug::dagger:


it was working alright wednesday, but seemed like there was a server reboot or something tonight and latency is terrible


Ok so we got to play and use it last Saturday and yes! It was back to working very well! Looks like you guys whipped that server into shape!



Expect MUCH more improvement as we move forward… and probably some gaps as well as we break things in the process of trying to make them better… AND continue to cope with the rapid growth!!! :pancakes: