Can't find how to delete sound sets? - RESOLVED


I accidentally created 3 Untitled Sound Sets and I can’t find a way to delete them D:

Edit: And, as is the nature of things, I figured it out moments after I posted the thread. -.-


In case anyone else is wondering, in the “property inspector” panel, expand the “soundset” accordion to reveal a set of “action icons” in the accordion heading, and the same actions also appear in the first “actions” field as buttons at the top of the expanded accordion.


Sorry guys, I still dont get it…where within the browser can I delete the untitled soundsets? I dont find the property inspector…feel somewhat stupid…
Ok…got, thanks for the input sonofconan!


Just in case anyone else is wondering where the property inspector or delete button is:



OMG yes, that took me FOREVER to find lol

I was accidentally creating sets with one click and had a dozen and for the life of me could not find where to delete it… then again, i didn’t even realize the editor was fully moved to online from the offline version!