Can't Download Syrinscape Soundset Creator - FIXED


Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t see the button to actually download the Soundset Creator. The directions say it should be in the top right of the screen, but nothing is there. I just subscribed today, is there a delay before i can download it maybe? TIA


Hi @stephen_kelly11

Firstly, THANKS for your support as a sub! :smile:

Secondly, I see your prob, you’ll need a SuperSyrin sub to gain access to ALL the features of Syrinscape (including the Creator, and Master/Minion and Sci/fi stuff etc)

Simple to upgrade, just go hear and sub as you did before, the server will workout partial payments etc.

Makes sense?


I feel dumb, I read “SuperSyrin” so many times and it didn’t click. Thanks!

New problem now, when I click to upgrade, paypal gives me an error saying “Invalid first trial period. You must specify valid values for the A1, P1 and T1 parameters for a subscription.” Clicking return to merchant brings me to a blank page. Not sure if its a paypal problem or not.


Hey @stephen_kelly11

Grab us on support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll sort your account out.

ALSO = THANKS for being an awesome subscriber!