Can't Download Syrinscape Soundset Creator - FIXED

Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t see the button to actually download the Soundset Creator. The directions say it should be in the top right of the screen, but nothing is there. I just subscribed today, is there a delay before i can download it maybe? TIA

Hi @stephen_kelly11

Firstly, THANKS for your support as a sub! :smile:

Secondly, I see your prob, you’ll need a SuperSyrin sub to gain access to ALL the features of Syrinscape (including the Creator, and Master/Minion and Sci/fi stuff etc)

Simple to upgrade, just go hear and sub as you did before, the server will workout partial payments etc.

Makes sense?

I feel dumb, I read “SuperSyrin” so many times and it didn’t click. Thanks!

New problem now, when I click to upgrade, paypal gives me an error saying “Invalid first trial period. You must specify valid values for the A1, P1 and T1 parameters for a subscription.” Clicking return to merchant brings me to a blank page. Not sure if its a paypal problem or not.

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Hey @stephen_kelly11

Grab us on support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll sort your account out.

ALSO = THANKS for being an awesome subscriber!

Sorry to Necro this convo but I have the SuperSyrin membership and can not find the link anywhere. Is it still available?

The Creator is now part of the Web Player (or the older Syrinscape Online) There is no link for it or program to install. If you have a Supersyrin subscription then you will already be able to access all of the tools directly from the Web Player