Can't create new campaigns



Just subscribed to Syrinscape after a big hiatus. Looking at the “Your Campaigns” page, campaigns can’t be created anymore. I am on Chrome, on Mac, and I’m not using an adblocker or extension on Syrinscape.

You can see a screenshot from the page: clearly there’s no way to add a new campaign.

Also no option in the bottom of the page to add a campaign (and this forum doesn’t allow me to add a second image to my post because I’m a new user :-1:).


Hi Julio,

Easy one. :slight_smile:

First choose the Genre of the campaign you want to create… choose that TAB and first create your Campaign there… then you can add SoundSets from THAT Genre OR come back to the ALL tab and add SoundSets from ALL Genres.

Makes sense?

Mainly… THANKS for throwing your support behind us!!!


Hi Ben! Thank you!

May I recommend adding a greyed out “Add campaign” button to it when on the “ALL” tab, showing a tooltip (either after it or in a error message) with “please first select Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or BoardGame before adding a campaign” :slight_smile: that should make it less confusing :smile:

Again, appreciate your guidance!